Wade Institute Customized Professional Learning Services

Promoting science instruction that engages the curiosity and wonder of students and inspires teachers!

The staff of the Wade Institute for Science Education (formerly the Museum Institute for Teaching Science, or MITS) knows that the professional development and curriculum needs of schools and teachers vary. To address these needs, the Wade Institute offers its Customized Professional Learning Services program to bring our expertise directly to your school. By consulting with school and school-district administrators and educators, the Wade Institute prepares a professional learning program that is responsive to identified needs. The Education Specialists who deliver our programs maintain ongoing communications with teachers and administrators to ensure that our programs are responsive and effective.

Wade Institute Customized Professional Learning Services…

  • provide professional learning experiences tailored to teachers’ needs within a school or district
  • support districts’ efforts to implement the 2016 MA Science and Technology/Engineering Framework
  • model the use of the Science and Engineering Practices for instruction and assessment
  • apply inquiry-based science instruction principles
  • foster teachers’ use of inquiry-based, hands-on instruction and assessment
  • support school-based initiatives to strengthen science instruction and assessment
  • use a variety of scheduling options to offer sustained learning experiences to promote lasting change
  • provide scientific content relevant to the Disciplinary Core Ideas

The educators at the Wade Institute who design, develop and deliver the Customized Professional Learning Services programs are…

  • highly credentialed and experienced K-12 science education specialists
  • skilled in the use of inquiry-based, hands-on science instruction
  • responsive to identified professional learning needs
  • well-versed in the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards
  • available to work directly with classroom teachers to support their implementation of inquiry-based instruction and the Science and Engineering Practices

Customized Professional Learning Services Testimonials:

“I thought this was wonderful and would like to do more!” – Stoughton Public Schools Teacher

“The presenters’ expertise is evident and appreciated!” – Freetown-Lakeville Public Schools Teacher

“Great job – thank you for sharing and really understanding what it’s like to be a science teacher.” – Melrose Public Schools Teacher

“The activity sequence was well-paced. I felt very engaged with the instructions, then hands-on activity, then reporting out.” – Springfield Public Schools Teacher

“Very enthusiastic presenters who are knowledgeable in the new standards and practices. I feel a little less stressed now that I have seen how practices work.” – Swansea Public Schools Teacher

The Wade Institute encourages districts interested in partnering with each other to bring these professional learning experiences to their teachers to contact us.  Partnering with other schools fosters teacher collaboration, enriches the learning environment and can make the PD more cost-effective

For more information…

Visit our Customized Professional Learning Services Education Specialists page to learn more about the educators preparing and delivering your Customized Professional Learning Services program.

Download a Customized Professional Learning Services brochure.

Contact the Wade Institute’s Executive Director, Sandra Ryack-Bell, at sryackbell@wadeinstitutema.org or 617-328-1515 to learn more about how we can help your school or district enrich the science learning experiences of your students through customized professional learning for your teachers.